Get healthier
and leaner with
Bitbite’s technology

Your personal coach
for healthy eating habits


Most of us suffer from bad eating habits that we have adopted when we were kids.
Those habits are largely responsible for our health and weight problems.
Getting rid of them can turn your life around

Our Technology

BitBite helps people eat healthier and lose weight. BitBite monitors eating patterns by analyzing chewing sounds via microphones available in off-the-shelf headset devices.

BitBite knows when, where, what and how the user is eating. Analysis of this data allows BitBite to send real-time dietary advice on how to eat healthier.

Our goal is to help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Optional Supported Devices



Dr. David L. Katz

Chief Nutrition Advisor@BitBite

Dr. Katz is a world renowned expert on nutrition, director of Yale University Prevention Research Center and editor of the Childhood Obesity journal

“BitBite is especially exciting because it provides a novel and empowering way to address healthful eating and weight control. By focusing on the “how” as opposed to just the “what” of healthful eating. Bitbite has the potential to help replace short-term dieting with lasting improvements in eating, lifestyle, and health (…)”


Our Partners

Headset manufacturers

Turn your headset into much more than a communication device – make it a lifestyle tool.

Fitness and wellness apps

Our software makes training more effective by managing pre and post fitness food intake.
This in turn allows you to create differentiation and earn higher loyalty.

Health and dieting industries
Receive real data about food intake of your patients.
This in turn will allow you to create differentiation and earn higher loyalty



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